Violence threats dating

An attempt to develop positioning is the final proof of ill intent.

Someone trying to position himself to attack removes all doubt that the situation is innocent.

Like the Interview, there are several kinds of Positioning.

Attack The attack is the when the criminal/violent person commits himself to using force -- or the threat of force -- to get what he wants.

If these conditions are not met, he will not attack! Selecting a safe victim is a matter of life or death for the criminal.

If he picks the wrong target, he's the one who is going to die.

It is used by police, military and firearms instructors around the world as a training and teaching tool.


It's the visible and discernable physiological manifestations that, a person ready to commit violence, will display. This is his body displaying these signs, no matter how hard he tries to hide it.Therefore, he's going to make sure he can successfully use violence against you (Interview and Positioning) before he commits himself to act.


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