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As young students in the mid-’80s, Pinkett Smith and Shakur – who is profiled in this week’s issue of PEOPLE – bonded quickly, their initial encounter an instant indication of what was to come.“It was the first day and he came over to me and introduced himself,” Pinkett Smith recalled in an interview.So when I went on the show I was feeling very gangster.” READ: Eminem To Afeni Shakur: “You Are A True Queen, And I Mean That In Every Sense Of The Word” In a recent interview with , Shakur recalled the day ‘Pac and Madonna hit things off. “[I didn’t read it,] I was just happy she was giving him a note. They were a thing for a minute.” READ: To Madonna, Being Called A Member Of The Illuminati Is The Highest Compliment At the height of their popularity, Shakur aptly describing the pair as “off the chain,” noting the combination as “too much.” While he did not reveal whether the relationship was strictly physical, ‘Pac’s brother did confirm that the two shared a mutual respect and that things ended between Madonna and Tupac on a positive note. “I don’t think it was super serious, gonna get married or some s**t.

Definitely from looking at him, wasn’t necessarily the type of cat that I would even like, deal with.” She continued, “But as soon as he approached me, he was like a magnet.Long before the world knew their names, Jada Pinkett Smith and Tupac Shakur were just aspiring artists at the Baltimore School for the Arts in Maryland.



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