Towa no quon 1 utakata no kaben online dating talking vs dating

He defected from Custos and joined the Attractors, realizing their true intentions while managing to win their trust after saving Tei and Kiri from the Custos.He sacrifices himself in chapter 6 in order to open the blocked path to save Tei and the others, escaping from the Custos building as it collapses, leaving his last words "A human's possibility is unlimited".

In chapter 5, she becomes confused after what Shun said to her which is affecting her ability to do her missions.But left out of her control, her power can cause chaos by having people relive hurtful memories.In Chapter 4, it was thought she has romantic feelings for Shun, but however, the character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto and producer Makoto Watanabe has dismissed this, and has said that Shun and Tei's relationships are platonic rather than romantic, according to a radio interview by Sokoani.Quon never knew this until in chapter 5, when he regained consciousness and found himself in the room Kannazuki was hiding.


He now aims to pave the way for a future of peace and acceptance.

He was defeated by Quon when Towa overloaded Quon's powers and lost all of his abilities because of it..


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