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Very helpful for someone like me who has been unsuccessful with dating and relationships. On our first date I say to him that I don’t date aimlessly. I never felt such mixed feelings for a man- I like him a lot but I deserve more intentionality. I met this amazing guy and he was so into me, said he wasn’t going to let me go and hinted that a guy has to marry a girl like me so I wouldn’t get away.

I think it is a waste of time, money and energy to date without boundaries and expectations. We haven’t talked at all in two months but I think about him everyday. We talked about everything, how we wanted to raise our kids, what a good relationship looks like, religion, dreams, traveling…We were on the same page about literally everything.

She needed a place to stay, and he said he’d rather I move out for 4 months than her stay with us for a month or so.

We have the extra bedroom, he just won’t let it happen.


When asked his opinion about cars, he said, “I don’t care.” Last year, right after the sort-of, but not really marriage proposal, he asked me for an open relationship.If you start getting on his case (“Why didn’t you call? ”, etc.) he will feel trapped and suffocated and start pulling away.I have seen My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for 4 years this July. He sort-of, but not really asked me to marry him last year.I don’t think it’s okay for a guy to say things like “i haven’t shut the door on us” or “I’m not done learning from you yet”. In general, looking at the problems of our life without the clouding lens of negative emotions often is 90% of the path to success.

I think that’s just evil and at least to myself it speaks volumes about how he thinks I’ll be sitting around waiting for him like he’s some Greek God and I’m a mere mortal with no other options. I am 35 yo dating the 40 yo successful guy, He’a a succesful Physician Assistant in SF, divorced and has 1 son.This year, he bought me a dog after refusing to for years, but then treats me like he hates me.


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    The stunning Canadian revealed she and Dean keep them being together largely on the down low because, as WWE on screen super talents, they come in for a lot of attention on social media.

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    said they’re dating, but between the pair spending some solid time together and the Valentine’s Day roses she thanked him for in February, it seems it’s, uh, unofficially official?

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