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I also would rather see wolves running free and hunters upset about less game because now-a-days how many people really are subsistence hunters?

I understand the ranchers concerns but hunters I do not agree with at all they can put they're guns away and go out with a camera and shoot nature that way.

Commenter: Kadah Wooley Mammoths were here before us, too.

Maybe we should "reintroduce" their closest relative: the elephant.

For its part the federal government says that just 300 wolves are needed for legitimate recovery in the region.

We don't need wolves; the Canadian Gray Wolf introduced here is not indigenous and is not endangered.

But then, wolf-lovers don't have to live with them either. ), but there does seems to be a need for compromise here.

I do agree that human populations are growing and diminishing habitat for other species - and not just wolves, but all kinds of animals.

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Last year the Obama Administration removed federal protection from some of the wolves that had been restored to the northern Rockies under the Endangered Species Act.

The other thing that bugs me is how hunters would want to shoot this animal.


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