Long distance dating


and co-author of “I was located in New York City while my husband Matt was in Miami Beach. I was able to get complimentary flights almost every other month this way from my American Express card.Make sure to pick a card with an airline component so you can rack up the points.” ― Emily Nolan, model and blogger at My Kind of Life“There’s so much pressure with visits when it comes to long-distance relationships.We had a rule to never go more than six weeks without seeing one another in person and we pretty much stuck to that.We were still living apart when we got married and it took one year after we were married for my green card to arrive, at which point I moved to the states in 2013.” ― Allison Bowsher, freelance writer“My wife and I have had to do the long distance thing twice in our relationship.That’s all well and good, but being apart is definitely trying at times, even for couples with a relatively strong foundation. Below, people familiar with the long-distance relationship struggle share their tried and true advice.


Factor in time differences, busy schedules, and miles apart, and you could really start feeling the strain.Here you will find advice and tips on how to make your relationship survive the distance, a supportive community of fellow long distancers, inspiring pages including true LDR stories, as well as other resources relevant to those in “geographically challenged” relationships.



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