Harry judd still dating izzy johnston

Following this, he auditioned to be in Mc Fly, and was made a band member alongside Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Danny Jones in 2003.

They shot to fame after Busted invited them on tour in 2004.

‘I couldn’t look Izzy in the eye if I slipped up.’ Harry and Izzy are now committed but they did split up before he started working on the show.

announcer to record a special greeting for the couple.

Later the same year, Mc Fly got a Guinness World Record, beating the Beatles to “the youngest band to have a debut album go straight to number one” and they ended up winning a Brit Award for Best British Pop Act in 2005.

Their famous songs include 5 Colours in Her Hair, Obviously, All About You and Shine a Light.

Harry turned his skills from the drums to the dance floor when he took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2011.He posted on the micro-blogging site: ‘Couldn’t be happier! Thank you to @rendezvoushotel for making it so special!xxx’ In the words of Beyonce, he added: ‘I liked it, so I put a ring on it.Izzy, a member of Britain’s Got Talent string quartet Escala, trusts the Mc Fly star, 25, even though he and Aliona get very raunchy on the dance floor. We’d been together for five years and we’d been inseparable.

‘It is intimate, but I wouldn’t have bought a house and moved in with my girlfriend if I didn’t think she was the only one for me,’ says Harry.

Judd's bandmate Tom Fletcher married his long-term girlfriend Giovanna Falcone earlier this month.



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