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) The British press reports that Comfort Afolabi, a woman of Nigerian extraction but with British citizenship, while running a charity called the Detainee Support and Help Unit, put a BBC undercover reporter in contact with a criminal who could supply false documents.The reporter was posing as an aylum seeker facing deportation.Matthew Chapman, writing in The Mail on Sunday (Feb. Afolabi's charity had received 350,000 pounds from the Community Fund "to help asylum seekers". Afolabi has apparently denied being involved in the supply of false documents and is quoted as saying "I swear to God I don't know anything".


Artefacts are available to adopt until the Summer of 2020.

Apparently the President of Nigeria has declared "total war" on the 419 scam artists and said that they shall have "no hiding place".


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    Tired of meeting BOYS who tell me what I want to hear, make and break promises, and aren’t ready for something serious.

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    It doesn’t matter how much you follow it down with shampoo.

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    Welcome to - World's #1 Ladyboy Dating Site for transexuals and transgenders lovers!

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    • Do you prefer lots of peace and quiet, or do you like to keep your stereo pegged at 85 decibels all the time? • Are you a highly organized person, or does the sight of a Franklin Covey Planner make you break out in hives? When you create your top-ten lists, be as specific as possible in describing the essential qualities you look for and want to look out for.

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    Respect that and don’t waste anyone’s time – including your own.

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