Dating and pricing coast knives


Dyes are vacuum-impregnated into the wood, then the wood is pressure impregnated with polymer or phenolic resin at very high pressures, then highly compressed into plywood blocks.

With the high compression rates and solid massing of the material, this creates a very dense, tough, and solid wood product, that is pretty much waterproof when wet.

In other species, every piece of wood is different, and slabs cut from the same block look like distinctly different woods.

Back to Topics Woods used for handles (any kind of handle) must be fairly hard to be long lasting.

Deciduous trees are actually angiospermous trees: trees that loose their leaves every winter, bear flowers, and have broad leaves. Coniferous trees have needles or are evergreen, and have cones.


These stabilized laminates are very durable, polish brightly, and are long lived.The comments are based on my personal experience with these woods.Remember, woods vary in appearance and texture even within the same board, so there is no absolutely uniform dictate on a particular wood's performance.Hardwoods exhibit a distinctive class of fine taste, and throughout time, will always be cherished for their value.

Hardwoods compliment metals very well, and are artistically sound, choice exhibits.For example, in the family of ebony (Ebenaceae), there are about three hundred species of shrubs and trees distributed throughout the temperate and mild regions of the world.


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