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If you choose to issue a freeze by mail, the contact information for the three credit bureaus is as follows: There are similarities as well as differences between credit freezes and fraud alerts.Neither prevents a person from accessing the credit they already have.On the other hand, when an application for credit is submitted under a frozen account, the only information that will be shown is a code stating that all reports under this name are frozen and there is no further access to the account.For the legitimate consumer, the down side to a credit report freeze is it could delay, interfere with or prohibit the timely approval of any financial requests or applications occurring after the freeze is in place.That’s because Sesame Credit—at least for now—is mainly designed to lure users to spend more money using Alipay.Those with higher scores get discounts and other benefits.I also played around with two new features within the app: One is a location-based, augmented-reality game that lets users collect virtual red packets containing real money—sort of like .

These three major credit bureaus request the same information in variation: A freeze should be requested at all three bureaus in order to be effective and a person should confirm exactly what is needed with each bureau.

All states with the exception of Alabama, Michigan and Missouri have adopted the mandatory security freeze laws.

The states of Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi and South Dakota limit this protection to identity theft victims only.

My diagram improved in each category in the past two years.


I spent a lot more through the Alipay app during the period, mostly for travel and restaurants. After Beijing announced about three years ago that it wanted to build a “social credit system” by 2020, Chinese tech companies and local governments (paywall) alike turned to data mining to gauge creditworthiness based on a wide variety of behaviors.


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