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But the scripted "scenes" you describe over and over all over the Internet S sound so lame, and not even fun at all. And I don't care one bit if anyone wants to get married or not, or to whom.Asking this board's second most prolific troll to stop with the personal attacks is like asking Mc Donalds to stop peddling unhealthy food. In her view, any man who is not interested in settling down and marrying a dumpy feminist hag is an evil "PUA" trying to exploit women for their precious vaginas. I also haven't made any personal attacks here, unlike you are when you call me a dumpy hag. Honestly, can you not understand why I would question a young(ish) man - a self identified PUA (not so labled by me) using scripts and doing what he describes as "running games" for almost 2 decades?Another advantage of this partnership is that Kissing is part of a network of sites, so you can connect with other users to improve your chances of finding the perfect match.


because its so much easier to find people online but never really see it through. I also don't understand why you post the identical thread on multiple websites on the Internet SSSS. Also maybe there is a nostelgic element to it, where the guys were younger more handsome 10 yrs ago and the girls they went out with were happy go lucky adventerous 20 somethings, but now they are trying to get the same effect with more cynical fussier 30 somethings who are getting stacks of msgs (because more people are users now), many from hotter guys (not IT focused) who have flocked to OLD to expand their market that would not have been using it a decade ago.

Have you really been "running game" for over a decade? To answer your question, online dating was better in the early days because men and women treated it as, well, dating.



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